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About Gary

    An accomplished personal trainer for extreme sports athletes, Gary has spent a lifetime of researching and developing training systems for connective tissue and joint strengthening and recovery.
    The tools and training techniques are adapted from martial arts to a non-combative design - targeting specific muscle groups in the entire hand, arm, and back to reduce risk of damage and to rapidly recover from injuries by stimulating the muscle groups.
    This Tactile Training will dramatically increase your strength, stamina, and overall health. Combined with proper breathing and focus drills, these specialized activities will improve your speed and accuracy and create a strong foundation for mastery of any sport.
    Gary has worked with mountain-bike pro Bob Cagle, 2008 IMSA Lites champion Tom Drewer who was seeking to move into the very demanding Le Mans series, and three time former National BMX champ Shan Hatfield, Free Flite Bicycles Masters’ road team, and Next Moto Champion sponsored nationally ranked bicycle racer “Iron” Kirk Corsello. Gary has also studied Wing-Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Joe Miller (3 ½ years) and Hop Gar Kung Fu under both Grandmaster Simon Ku and Sifu Kurtis Taylor (10 yrs). USA-Cycling Nationally accredited Level-2 Coach Accredited Superhuman Coach – Ben Greenfield Fitness